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IT Professional, entrepreneur, entertainer, writer, and artist based out of Las Vegas, NV.

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While I don't mix my career and my passions, I know that without my career I could never follow my passions.

Ben Halkum

Professional Wrestling Personality and Occupant of the Best Seat in the House

Whether it is adorning bright colors and a larger than life personality as a manager, or suiting up with the stripes to ensure a match is called down the middle as a referee, Ben has the best seat in the house when he enters the ring.

A lifelong avid professional wrestling fan, Ben has followed his passion and has performed for fans in Nevada, Nebraska, Texas, and California as well as across the globe via internet streaming and pay-per-view events.


Corporate IT Project and Program Management Expert

Working directly with companies such as Toyota, Carnival Cruises, Boyd Gaming, and Disney, Ben has dynamically led multi-functional teams using a variety of methodologies across various verticals and industries. He has delievered multiple multi-million and multi-billion dollar enterprise and global solutions through entire product lifecycles.

Gaming Industry - Hospitality

Connected Car and Fleet Management

Hospitality and Digital Signage

Mobile Applications and Games


Webmaster, Digital Artist and Writer

With over twenty years of 3D animation experience, Ben has provided digital artwork and animations for thousands of independent projects as well as for his own creative writing projects as well.

He is also skilled in the creation and maintenance of websites, utilizing a variety of coding and web principles to optimize the end user experience.

The Tools of the Trade

Ben is skilled in a variety of media producing programs such as Smith Micro Poser Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Android Studio, and Apple Xcode amongst others.


Whether developing a website, or mobile application, Ben has multi-platform knowledge and is able to manipulate and create depending on his needs. He is skilled in languages such as CSS, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, Swift, and Perl amongst others. He can also perform functions at database levels within SQL.


Ben has been doing creative writing since 1996 both by himself and as apart of groups of people whom write within the same genre. He has also provided movie and product reviews as well as interviews for a variety of websites.